whaaats happening people. well monday, is a bitch. but not the semester because i dont have classes. (baker stands up, silently gives the bird to his school, and sits down) but the rest of the week will still be very education weighted. my good friend faik left for istanbul, turkey today. click the link then click on istanbul to know more. we have been feasting and drinking for the past few weeks to celebrate the end of finals and the fact that he would be leaving. i was really drunk and kicking a hubcap and "went to fetch it under a car/fell down" and of course the first car that drove by was an unmarked cop car "les flics" We say "flicks" because of the old school cops and robbers movies?? odd, i know. in any case they asked me to put the hubcap back onto the car where i found it, but since i had found it on the ground i ran back and put it in its place, flagged them down as they drove off and politely showed them where it had been. let me take a moment to ask anyone who is reading this;
if it is possible to travel, study, or vacate to europe or anywhere else that is not the united states, you should do it. basically because the world is really really really big, and there are all kinds of people who do things, dress, talk, eat, and act differently than us, but when it comes down to it, we're all just people. thats it, people.

well that being said, i hope you take it to heart. i leave you with some photos of paris, rennes under the snow, and a group photo from a going away party comprised of americans, an english, italians, turks, french, and germans. peace.