I found this on a forum.

Things I ate at the Texas State Fair on Saturday

1 Fletcher's Corn Dog – (the greatest corndog on the planet).
1 Fletcher's Jalapeno Corn Dog
4 Tamales
2 Fried ribs
1 bowl of Beans and Cornbread
Salt and Vinegar fries
Jerk Chicken Wings and rice -
1 Deep fried Smores -
1 slice of Chicken Fried Bacon - (fucking nasty - my senses are haunted by this)
1 Deep Fried Grilled Cheese (cut into pieces) and they give you a cup of tomato soup to dunk it in - The fucking awesome.

damn. damn. damn. such delicacies and excesses cannot be found nor afforded in l'hexagon. but, there are others.. assiette mixte, here i come.

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becca said...

i had some fried cookie dough