paris part two

view of paris at night
view from the top with the arc de triomphe in the middle
i saw something very captivating while a midget walked by
xavier and me on the eiffel tower

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Logan said...

i miss you nigga. i was thinking that tonight, as i said "dolluuuh." we played for monty tonight at the downer. he was in BR opening for dwight yocum. psh...well you know we had to hit it. tommorrow we are playing at 6th street in funroe. don't forget, that damn hauser's surgery is monday, make sure and drop a nigga a line. he'll be fucked up for a few weeks on pills, maybe we can send you some. show those french how we do it in the l'ana. burn one down for me and remember the summer....(and that cookie).

3 - 2 - 1 - peace playa.