happy thanksgiving everyone:

i hope yours was as good as mine, last night (friday) we cooked two turkeys, mashed potatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes, apple, peach, and strawberry pie. all homemade save the strawberry. The English and a Scottish decided that we should have a thanksgiving together. It was a multinational celebration. American, English, Scottish, Italian, German, Chilean, Mexican, Spanish, Turkish, French; all celebrated thanksgiving. I think the turkish were a bit fed up with hearing turkey over and over. 'Imagine if there was a food called france or united states eh?' Also, it snowed yesterday morning on the way to class and all day, so it was pretty amazing. We had a massive snowball fight, one that lasted all the way to the bar. I am really looking forward to being home for christmas. Here's some links to check out. Apparently Dave Schools of Widespread Panic made a theme song for Cane's check it Also Trey Anastasio of Phish has a new album out and has been doing several interviews, acknowledging reasong why phish broke up and playing acoustically.npr story

pictures from thanksgiving and SWI (Snow War One) to come