the dirdry ruston visit

well since i got bitched out for not having pictures of the tru-clique that came and visited here we go...

yeah buddy!

cigarettes!?!? caroline munoson says hellsyes

you can take shelfer out of h-town, but you cant take h-town out of shelfer

cigarettes!?!? caroline munson says hellsyes

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Logan said...

man, bake, we miss you bad again. this christmas sucked for me cause my parents don't support my love of music but hey....you made my christmas hella-bitchin. so when is your year over? at the end of the summer? i'm thinking of plane ticket costs to europe anyway...those croatians have it in them to party big-style w/ me and hauser. who knows what tdh will do but me....i wanna see france. peace playa.