barbecue in france??

in response to mule neck's question "do they have barbecue in france?" the short answer: no. is there a jay's barbecue or a rib shack in my hometown? not that i'm aware of. im sure you can get some barbecue in paris. ask any french person if they have ______ and if they dont know "Vous pouvez peut-être le trouver à Paris." We were driving around and i saw some dr pepper in a specialty store in Paris. there IS however, a fried chicken place in town, but i havent eaten there yet. BUT there are barbecues, and thus the possibility to make barbecue. I wanna just get down with some bargain chicken meat and barbecue the hell out of it one afternoon. whenever it happens, i will inform the public. have a good week. and keep the questions coming.

as promised here is the clip of nesteren, her sister, and deniz trying to nail the snoop rap...if somebody can convert this to mp3 that would be really cool...

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burntpandafur said...

Yeah man. Do it. But don't stop at chicken. Plow on through with some brisket, ribs, and sausage. You also need bbq beans and potato salad. If you're gonna do the damn deal, gotta do it big.