gross french food

whats up everybody, dont forget monty russell plays tonight (thursday night) at the mellow mushroom. i ate at xavier's house last night: cabbage, carrots, radishes and pork ears. there i said it.

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Logan said...

what's up nigga. bad news, warning this will hurt - cj's is done. cue stick opened up a few thursdays ago and me and hauser are broke as hell. i can't say i didn't know it was going to happen some time, but that doesn't mean it don't suck. we've been peaced out by so many hardcore fans. oh well, time to move on. we're going in a different direction. we're starting a late night on wednesdays with all kinds of drink and app specials. also, we're recording w/ brandt on break(feb. 24-whenever). our new original shit is off the heezy. also, i think we're going to add a jazz set and acoustic bass....hauser and logan 4-piece - WORD. you know us, we don't lay down and quit, but it's getting tight. bills are coming in and i got no money. send us some love...and maybe some of that bakey-dub charm. we need it.