well i'm back from le corbier. it was a hellacious trip. we had good weather the first two days and then it just snowed like crazy for the rest of the trip, the last two days the tops of the mountains were closed but we still had GREAT snow. The ski resort was nice, but nothing like telluride or breckeridge. it was four of us in a one bedroom with trundlebed-couches. The skiing and mountain were about the same, but they had so many teleskis, im not sure what it is in english the little seat you stick between your legs and if you snowboard you bust ass and get drug around, yeah those things. We ate like kings and drank like homeless people. The day I got back I went and saw Georgia, Jennie, and William in Paris, then Georgia and Jennie came back to Rennes. They stayed a couple of nights and then left for Brussells, Belgium the "capitol" of Europe. I will try to post some pictures of the ski trip in a few days. Its finally starting to get warmer here. and its the weekend, everyone have a good one.