where to begin

saturday morning i left rennes, headed to geneva, what awaited me, i knew not. As I approached the geneva train station and therefore the swiss border it dawned on me that i had not a passport and only a LA drivers liscence as identification. I frantically sent a text message to my sister and jennie who were waiting on me at the station, yes they said, you need a passport, to get into switzerland. damn, i said to myself, damn, damn, damn. a passport is something you dont forget. I walked out of the train and noticed that the tracks were suspended about one story off of the street, i could jump if i had to. As i left "France" i showed my drivers liscence and my student ID to the french customs official who was far from pleased, commenting how typical it was for an american to arrive like that. fuck it, i said, im getting into switzerland. i walked another 10 meters down the hall towards the swiss border, the swiss customs official, less than pleased asked me to wait aside while the others who had their proper documents passed by. five minutes later, everyone had passed, and the french lady came remarking how they shouldnt let me pass and if they did, she wouldnt let me back in france. Adding, that we think we can just cross the border with our fishing liscences or whatever we had. Hearing this, i sprung up, punched her in her stomach, grabbed my suitcase on wheels and ran for the sliding glass door that led to the train station. it was not an easy getaway with the suitcase, the doors slid open and i frantically searched the station for georgia and jennie. Seeing them in the café, i quickly gave the international (we WERE in geneva) signal for i punched the customs official, i dont have a passport, lets haul ass. They picked up on it quickly and we split. Yes, if i was just a little drunker, or crazier, or didnt have a suitcase on wheels thats how it wouldve happened. i continue, hearing what the french customs woman said, i said to myself, damn..damn, damn, shut up, its none of your business if they let me in switzerland, your french. they asked me if i had family in geneva (my sister waiting for me in the train station and my cousin waiting on us in town) they let me slide on the condition that someone fax my papers.
We met my cousin and his four friends, one of which who lives in geneva and we went to eat fondue. After the 2 gallons of cheese, we went to a bar and waited on allen (the american who lives in geneva) to get a call from his connection that was get us into some crazy club. we got two bottles of skyy vodka at this club and cans of redbull and pitchers of OJ. Little did we know but this was to be a theme for the weekend. We drank there and went across town, taking out some festive swiss money along the way. we arrived at Java, and waited on alex, his little brother, a german chick, an OBGYN, and a swiss student to arrive. They did and we were ushered through sub-zero-esque doors, past a glowing purple wall and into an adjacent restaurant. we admired the genevan bourgeoisie and they admired, us, while the table was cleared. Again, bottles of vodka, absolut this time, and whatever mixers were needed, redbull, apple juice, sprite. we drank, spoke english, a bit of french and then took turns going out to the dance floor to just act the donkey.
Arriving on the dance floor, your immediately struck by how bright the lights are, how many people are around you, and how damn good the music is (house dj, it would change about every minute so it never got old) we had to strut our stuff on one of several mini stages placed about the dance floor. i do remember foxy lady, run it, the theme song from star academy, the new puff daddy tune, and maybe run it a few more times. in any case, throughout the night one of cousins friends fell asleep at the table, and another wandered off in geneva. we left the club around 4, found nick (the one who wandered off) by the car and went to the chalet.
at the chalet, situated between some mountaines and overlooking lake geneva, we drank more, ate cheesy bread, and bowtie pasta. The next day we took the uncles van and went in search of food and a view but ended up with just food. that night, the eight of us set out to drink a 4.75 liter of vodka. we didnt succeed. shocking, i know. some made it farther and later than others, i can say that i did not. Needless to say the 5:30 trip to the train station was interesting as most of us had gone to bed around 4:45. I will not post quotes, but things were said, that made, no sense. Later that day i got my faxes of my passport and headed back to rennes.

I hope you've enjoyed my longest blog post ever, have a great week.