What's up everyone, this is to be the first of posts not actually written on the internet, but posted at a later time, as i don't have internet in my dorm room. Today the strike was voted until wednesday with a possible general strike on thursday. what is a general strike you ask? It's quasi-legendary here in france. Apparently, nothing moves the day of the general strike; the buses, the trains, all major transportation and other unionized employees go on strike for the day and I imagine, we will vote the strike for thursday and possibly friday as well. It is quite the battle between students who want to start classes back and others who want to stay on strike. What is interesting is that at Villejean University, one of the larger universities in my town, about 20,000, has been on strike for SIX WEEKS! Villejean was one of the first universities in France to move to strike, so apparently if they ever stop, the movement may end. On another note, apparently whenever there is any new legislation involving changes to social laws, strikes break out across the country, it seems as though the French are stubborn to change, stubborn to let go of their largely socialist ways. In any case, i just cooked some dinner here at the dorm and ate a store bought creme brulée that is four days past expiration, it was so good i ate another. We'll see how it turns out. It also seems that anglophone news sources are picking up on the unrest, what have you guys heard??