Last thursday, an american friend of mine, chris, who plays the saxophone and i decided to go play out in one of the squares in rennes. It was really cool, we had played together before but by far the coolest part was when a mormon, dressed in a suit, like his three friends, walked over and started listening to us. he talked to us a bit and then realized we were americans, and asked if he could play a song. he played in a punk-emo band or something or other. regardless, he took my guitar, then played and sang a song he had written about being ditched and being alone on a friday night...emo to the max. but it was cool, we talked for a while and as they were leaving, he hit us with the obligatory invitation to share the word of the book of mormon and the teachings of the modern prophet joseph smith...not so cool.
Saturday i left for dubai, on a qatar airways flight and was picked up at the airport by one daniel hunt. i had a great time in dubai, we went to the beach, rode four wheelers in the desert, went swimming at an oasis of some sorts, rode wooden water taxis (boats where all the drivers could be drunk and the results would be the same, that is to say they all run into eachother while docking and leaving.) we generally amused ourselves. after a couple of hellish hours in the doha airport, i got back to paris and xavier and his girlfriend nedjma picked me up. upon returning to xavier's house, i promptly connected my new digital camera to his computer to show him my pictures of dubai, and somehow erased them...all. oops. so xavier's parents are cool as hell, we eat homemade meals all the time, generally 3 to 4 courses (meal, salad, cheese, dessert and coffee) We went to the living horse museum outside of paris on monday, and on tuesday went for a walk trough paris and went to this art show. on wednesday we pretty much just laid in the cut and smoked spleefs with his pets and neighbors... not really, we worked, and thats why y'all are getting such a nice long blog entry, because i am procrastinating. well, after that long narrative of the past, we've arrived at...the present. have a good day.

xaviers dad...totally french


Anonymous said...

Why does he have a rat in his left hand?

baker said...

it is dried sausage...but i guess it could be made of rat.