Whats up people, in the library at school, should be studying or working, but im communicating with you, my peoples. So picking up where i left off, cass came into paris, we did the tour of paris and saw the palais de tokyo, the louvre and whatnot. we went drinking for the cinco of course, and ended up at some cowboy bar where we played poker until three in the morning. while walking back to the hotel some fools gave us ride and ended up being big fans of my man paul wall. Arriving to the hotel with the drunk munchies like none other, i spied a basket of croissants for the buffet the next morning. The desk worker, drunk and mildly retarded, refused my money for the croissants. After we went up to our room I decided that something had to be done, i went downstairs, snuck past the sleeping drunkard, and arriving at the croissants, took a handful and bounced. The next day we went to arc de triomphe and le sacré coeur. And the last day we went out to versailles and walked all around the massive gardens for about four hours. We came back to rennes, where the party continued and i further postponed my studies. Cass left yesterday morning after we stayed up til 430, set the alarm for 530 and he missed his train. typical, but then again, who really thought we would sleep just one hour??

So i have less than two weeks in Rennes, and each day is (will be) bittersweet. For those young enough to enroll in study abroad, do yourself a favor. for those that have a way to travel abroad, do it. and if you can't....read a book.

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