well, here i am. at mcdonalds, using their free internet. i cant really bitch too much about mcdonalds at a moment like this. i am currently looking for an apartment (day 2 of the hunt) and i have some leads. so we'll see how it all turns out. besides that, ive been staying with the dabans, enjoying fine table wines and delicious french cheeses. yeah, my battery is almost dead because i neglected to bring over the proper converter, i brought the one that converts european plugs to american plugs (wtf?) so, when i get an apt and internet, and a power to my computer, things will be better, then i can regale you all with stories of homeless people accosting me in the subway. ha!

also, i have been informed of a certain "supercase" recently introuduced onto the market, to my beer drinking friends i say, enjoy.