starting from today and walking it out towards saturday...I am in Paris, looking for apartments, still. no change there. Last night i tried veal head. enough said. My classes are really cool, its been really fun, but tiring at the same time. Its cool to watch the kids completely puzzled as you speak english and then all of the sudden understand, mumble something to their neighbor in french, and then speak some english. real cool.
Monday night, even though i was tired as hell from teaching, i went to go see derek trucks band at the trabendo, a really small hall in paris. he rocked, they opened with get out my life woman, and and proceeded to shred the whole time. they played favorite things from the sound of music and trucks absolutely tore it up!! you may want to watch the video in small size, check it out around the 3 minute mark. It was a great show, and I am glad I went.
Sunday morning, I was up really early and was in the subways and train stations. It was awesome to see these places that are usually crowded and noisy, and full of people, completely deserted. i took some pictures and then put it to the tune of beck's strange appartition. but i cant show it here, because of copyright restrictions. just believe it, it rocks.

Saturday afternoon, i saw an exhibition at the lazy dog. it was of a brooklyn artist named grotesk and razauno. they are from brooklyn and they had some posters and then the alphabet , ive included some pictures of my favorites.


Xavier said...

Trop étrange le metro à 5 heures

blindslug said...

je te jure!