the weather is cold, the apartment search is fruitless, alas, without a financial garantor that resides in france, i havent had much luck.

saturday night was nuit blanche ( a night without sleep), there were art installations, illuminations, and projections throughout the city, there were also several people doing street art along a road (¡yeh!) also france's rugby team won, which made the night all the wilder, a drunken fan in the subway congratulated all of the fans on a job well done (bravo les supporteurs) and the man driving the subway for a job well done (bravo le conducteur) i laughed...
i went and saw the schools where i will be teaching and the woman in charge of my school district gave me ANOTHER week to prepare, so i won't actually give any lessons until monday, but i guess that means i have to be prepared...damn.

i did not, unfortunately, get to watch the lsu game, since it was broadcast at 3 in the morning. i should have gone and tried to find a place to watch it, but no, didnt feel like wandering aimlessly through paris only to find all the bars closed.

i cant stop listening to girltalk ...never heard of him?? download or buy his album nightripper, it will make you laugh.