Is anyone else...

tired of the government and presidential candidates using and abusing the media for their own gains?

first, a couple of weeks ago, FEMA stages a fake phone in press conference where the "reporters" that asked the questions were actually FEMA employees. wow. that is hard hitting investigative journalism. its almost as groundbreaking as the "debates" between presidential candidates... the responses to the "questions" (launching points for sound bites to be used later on in the campaign, launching points already decided upon by all candidates) asked by "random people in the audience" (prescreened individuals who represent different facets of america's electorate) The whole reason that i am writing this is that apparently H Clinton's campaign has been trying to "plant" questions by approaching members of the audience to ask questions before the democratic debates.
Returning to the FEMA incident, how dumb do they think we are? And their quotes are terrific " In retrospect, he said, when he realized that no reporters were in the room and it was the agency’s staff that was asking questions, he should have called off the news conference. " No shit man! We get an apology, thats it. Sorry citizens who pay taxes, so my job exists. I was just trying to mess with you guys!!! hahaha! it was all a joke, see? My friends asked me easy questions about disaster response, and then everyone believes we're doing a good job because, no hard questions are asked, and all answers were most likely written ahead of time! Strangely similar to the debates with prescreened questions.
Wouldn't it be great to see some crazed hippy stand up at a debate and ask some off the wall question to the candidates, and watch them squirm and struggle, because for so long, instead of real intellectual response, they read a poll and play mad libs with whats polling strong.

Call me crazy, but out of all the candidates, I like Ron Paul. Why? because i don't think he plays wacky demographic poll mad libs and says what his aids say, the polls say, the people say they want to hear. I think he is extremely intelligent, believes what he says, he's a strong supporter of states rights and wants small government. His plans for shrinking the government may be too radical, but you gotta have that edge, you're gonna want that cowbell.
Paul believes that the federal government should stay out of social issues like abortion and let states decide, which according to the constitution, anything not written in the constitution is to be decided by the states.
I would also like to ad that, even though i really think that RP has a legitimate chance of winning, that he will most likely be sabotaged by the media (just like Howard Dean) by means of a soundbite played ad infinitum on every news, talk, and late night show.

Here is the hillary story.

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Anonymous said...

mmmh... you know what I think about RP... I think he's right to advocate the US withdrawal from excessive interventionism... But I really don't agree with his position of States' authonomy in social themes. I really support State intervention (and the Supreme Court decisions) in these fields...At least, if the Supreme Court maintains a progressive interpretation of the Constitution ;) see Roe vs Wade.