still on strike..

still pimpin my bike. im about to go get my bike, I left it locked up the other night at centre george pompidou. my poor bike, sometimes i just have to leave it locked in random places for days at a time. but luckily its brown, rusty, from the seventies, and has a plastic seat (jealous?) so hopefully no one has any desire to steal it.

as far as the strikes are concerned i haven't been to work in three days, i probably could have gone today but that would have entailed waiting god knows how long for a metro only to cram in for the ride, then waiting god knows how long for an RER train, then waiting for another train then walking to school once i got to goussainville. with this in mind, i woke up had some bread, jelly, and nutella, thought about the situation, weighted my options and went back to bed. my body violently rejected the idea of cramming into a train or metro car for 2 plus hours and then walking in the cold. so i guess i support those on strike??

actually, i see the situation as so, the french government wants to change the way the rail workers take retirement. As of now, they have the right to retire a couple of years earlier than most others in the public and private sector. it makes sense right? of course, and now the position of the rail workers: i've had this pension/retirement plan my whole career and now you want to change it, so i have to work LONGER!!!!! naturally, they are upset, voire, pissed. Both sides have promised to stand strong, so we'll see what happens. for now, its me, a rusty peugot, and everyone else in paris on foot, bike, scooter, rollerblades (still sooooo badasss in france btw) and when possible squeezing into a crowded bus, train, or metro.


becca said...

i am coming to paris. asap.

Elea said...

this is real!!! i was in one of the metros you can see there... it was horrible! and i waited 1 hour to get a bus tonight... je commence en avoir marre de la grève...