there are times..

when a picture says it all.

I'm just gonna let that sink in.

Steven C Leblanc passed through Paris on the way back to the US. He should be at Bogie's in about 11 hours according to his calculations. It was really cool getting to see a familiar face in france...(two actually) Anyway, after her got here, we took a bike ride as witnessed here in this stellar photograph.

There were actually european women throwing themselves into the spokes of our bikes and ripping at our clothes, that's the kind of stir that we caused.

The next night we met Caroline's friends and drank and ate, then we went to a lameass irish pub and drank.

tito's energy was at its finest, although his goal of brazen euro-PDA was not met, what's important, perhaps is that it was set. That the idea was conceptualized.

Everyone said goodbye, nice to meet you, à la prochaine, and i set out in search of a bike rental point. i then proceeded to drunkenly walk across 1/5 of Paris and then bike across half of it to my house. blurry shots of things i thought looked cool when i was drunk to follow..

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Caroline said...

That was an amazing documentation. I think I almost cried laughing at the solo pic of Steven as I was thinking about his sad attempts to score game in the City of Love. Lameass Irish pub? I'm so sure. You're just jealous those don't exist in Porte de St. Cloud (wherever that is).

P.S. This post has taken me about 18 times to do. How the hell does this work...