a metro ride

remember the alien toy from toy story? the one that's in the claw machine? imagine it as a large plush hat.
now imagine that the hat is being worn by a guy who looks like that mugshot from when james brown got busted for crack.
also, he's wearing a puffy, shiny, purple jacket.
and he gets in the metro and tells everyone to pay attention because he's about to disappear into thin air. he makes some strange groaning and squealing noises "hummmphhbeeeeaaayyyyp!" and then he starts laughing and says of course he can't dissapear into thin air, thats impossible! and laughs, and everyone has a good laugh.
then, he gets two dolls that are about two feet tall, each with its own freaky outerspace accessory (sunglasses, bobble antennaes) and sings a song about how we're all aliens. "on est des extra-terrestres...wooohooo...on est des extra-terrestres...woohoo" with other subway riders joining in on the woohoo.
a few more jokes, then he pulls out a pink panther stuffed animal and sings another song. "doo, boo doo doop....BOB MARLEY! doo, boo doo doop....BOB MARLEY!"

his second song is met with great applause... he walks around, gets some change, more applause, and he exits at the next station.

at the very same station, a guy comes in, wearing a boombox fanny pack throws up a black cloth attached with bungee cords in between two poles and starts a puppet show to the music of pat boone's "speedy gonzalez" two stops later he gets off.
you look down at the clothes basket full of books and your backpack full of stuff from the cabinet and refridgerator of your old apartment, and laugh.