soulja boy...

...has a huge list of videos on youtube.

here, my boy just bought a NeW wHiP, and is showin it off...gO SoUlJa!! StAy ClAsSy!

flAsHiN AlL hIs CaSh after his InTeRsCoPe records meeting... i really enjoy how soulja asks his minion camera man to respond to all his questions (tell em where we at! tell em what we just did! tell em what this is!) and you know ya boy SoUlJa steady flashin them price tags!

wiki HaTeRz so mad!!

Nobodysmiling.com said, "Think of Soulja Boy as sort of a Lil Jon for teenagers and pre-teens, that means don’t expect to hear much in the way of metaphors and narratives, just crunk-ass music."[6]. The Daily Yo also says, "If anyone has not yet embraced the fact that hip-hop, through a main-stream perspective, is a dying breed; after listening to the musical styling of Soulja Boy in his debut album, Souljaboytellem.com., I'm sure that the truth will become evident." [7]. The Review says "Soulja Boy seems to think irritating repetition mixed with loads of moans and groans are enough to replace any skillful presentation of words.", and "Soulja Boy, making no effort to persuade his audience otherwise, offers little diversions from stereotypic garbage rap lyrics."[8]

Further criticism of Soulja Boy came from rappers and others within the business. In an October 18, 2007 article on Yahoo.com, rap veteran Snoop Dogg was quoted as saying, about Soulja Boy and other new rap artists (such as those aforementioned) "They're not making substance material — they're not really going into creating a sound. It's all about making the hot song for right now, but the artists who will stand the test of time like myself are about making records, not songs. You got to make a quality album so you can hold people's attention. It's like a movie. If you make a movie that got (only) one good scene, ain't nobody gonna go see it." Jermaine Dupri added "That's just a business mind-set for the record companies ... instead of artist development, they're looking for that. It makes the record companies not want to artist-develop the groups anymore because that's what they're into — they want to try and sell as many ringtones as possible." Even rapper 50 Cent said "Right now the state of where we are at in hip-hop, it's different. I don't think they want the lyrics to be complex — they want it to be simple, catchy. The Southern-based artist can be credited (with) that, because they're dancing, so now your record has to pretty much be catchy. It doesn't have to be super content, extreme content. It has to have a good rhythm to it and dance."

However, Soulja Boy himself has tried to somewhat combat some of the criticism. In the same interview he said that lyrical complexity and high content in his songs is not something that potential buyers of his music are interested in. He says "People don't want to go to a club and hear (about) people getting shot or hear about your life story. People want to ... have fun and dance and party." [16].

Also, you gotta have love for my man hurricane chris ( a baybay) repping the county market in his video.

truly beautiful.

So, in summary, hip hop is apparently dead, but does that mean that the dream is? I want to write and produce the next big crunk hit to sweep the third coast clubs, i want my record company to get behind my album for just the single, and i want this single to be promoted and sold as a ringtone across the world...yes friends, hip-hop IS dead, but you can't kill a young man's dream...

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awwww yeah you gotta rep that county market