The hippest of today's French youth can't get enough of Tecktonik--a dance (YT), cultural movement and apparent marketing ploy (in French), Tecktonic is a style of dance characterized by its lack of footwork and embrace of various ridiculous arm gestures. Coupled with a strong fashion sense (in French) involving copious amounts of neon, pseudo (or full-on) mullet haircuts and jeans that could be painted on, Tecktonik is a dance craze that, since its birth in 2000 at a Parisian nightclub, has only increased in popularity.

I can tell you're entranced! Why not give it a try yourself? After you've practiced some of those fly moves, you can dance along to some of the big Tecktonik singles. Finally, be sure and check out the official site for Tecktonik™-endorsed live music, official CDs and much, much more!


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Munson said...

HAHAH. My students are OBSESSED with it. They asked me last week, "Caroleen, can you wear your Converse shoes with your jeans and spike your hair so that we can dance tecktonik next English class?" Oh and don't even get me started on their reactions when I give them star stickers that are even the slightest bit metallic-looking....