justice - stress

the justice stress clip is finally out.

What else can you say, the album rocks, the song rocks, and now ladies and gentleman, the video...

Everything about this video beginning to end is great.. the cité at the beginning is stereotypical of all large public housing that you can find anywhere in the suburbs of metropolitan french towns, but especially in the outskirts of paris. Supposedly this video is going to be quite controversial, i'm not even sure if its going to be on TV or not. (don't start no shit, won't be no shit??) Romain Gavras directed it, the cinematography, and editing is really well done, and the music just begs to have any kind of images go along with it.

sometimes, i imagine an old lady sewing to the music... not quite as badass, but humorous nonetheless.

its cool, it kind of plays off of the fear that parisians have of the suburb kids and the ghetto attitude that suburb kids want to have. neither is very true (the suburb kids aren't that scary, old parisians are just racist, and the suburb kids aren't that tough or ghetto either) but the stereotype of kids run amok is just so well done, so perfect...clockwork orange parisian banlieu stylee. so nice.

alex, has some more stories about it.