the real question with the financial crisis is not "who is to blame" but, "how are we going to fix it?"

is it really in our best interest to pump money (that we don't have) into failing institutions, who, although they are "integral" parts of our (and the world's) economy, are part of a free market. shouldn't we just realize that the system is flawed, let the market self correct, and accept the consequences? maybe what the US needs is a little dose of depression era hardship to kill our consumerist, reality TV culture...

nah, i realize that it's probably not in our best interest to bear grylls it for a few weeks will the world's fiscal system shits all over itself, it just bothers me that so many politicians and "blue blooded americans" give canada and european countries hell for spending so much money on healthcare and public services, but we'll gladly bailout three ENORMOUS financial institutions for billions of dollars.

congratulations US government. you are an 80% owner of an insurance company.

ps. not a good post. don't feel like editing it.. just pissed