Self Nicknaming is AWESOME!

...in Brazil, where politicians often adopt new names for elections, six candidates had taken the name Barack Obama. Other candidates called themselves Cattle Ana, Jeep Johnny, Big Charlie Knives, Jorge Bushi, Chico Bin Laden, DJ Saddam, King of the Cuckolds, and Kung Fu Fatty.
via Harpers... my italics

Man, you know the old addage about how you can't give yourself a nickname? Brazil politicians give a what. Jealous? Everyone is, I wonder if some people run, knowing they have no chance, but just want, for that shining moment to be called Ill Sticka, or Timmy Too Tall... but regardless, this list of brazilian politicians nicknames would make the sickest neighborhood gang introduction ever.
"yeah yeah, thats my boy jeep johnny, his big cousin charlie knives (don't fuck with him, he won't fuck with you), and my main man, kung fu fatty."