Well ive jumped ship. I am currently in Casablanca, Morocco and planning on staying here until June or July. I sent a resumé as an afterthought, and oh shit, I got a job... It's pretty cool here. 'Casa' as its known, is pretty grungy and i like that. I am trying to find the best place to get some film developed soon. I will be working with a small team of young folks, putting together a report on the trends and changes in different sectors of Morocco's economy...At least it's shown me i have sooo much more to learn about the world.

Im doing a good bit of power googling, and wiki cruising...

here's something great i found on one of the news sites.

im gonna be working alot apparently.. like all day.. which is something i guess i'll have to get used to. damn. more updates to follow at an even slower pace than usual.. sorry legions of adoring readers... just peep my archives for some of my classics. what?


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