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My friend Beto hooked me up with the box set LIKE OMIGOD 80S. Its pretty much the best way to get a dance party started, or push through your shitty afternoon of work. Check the tracklist here.

This boxset is the tits, honest engine.

Through this music collection, I rediscoverd five time grammy award winner Christopher Cross and his magical hit "Sailing" which some claimed spawned the yacht rock genre.

Check out this incredible live video

did you see that Christopher Cross was wearing a number 34 jersey, which we can only assume, thanks to that light blue, red, and white colorway to be a Houston Oilers jersey.

Thats right, Cross is repping none other than Earl Campbell. Too sick. Why? Cross is from San Antone


NSYNC also covered this song, unfortunately and not surprisingly, their version sucks. I would link you but you can find it on youtube if you don't believe me

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Scott said...

1. THANK YOU for the Tellier ID! That is indeed the song I was looking for. It KILLED me at the show this week. Gorgeous. I need to get with the "Sessions" album.

2. Great post on Christopher Cross! There are more gems to be found on his debut album, like "Ride Like the Wind" which is epic.

3. Earl Campbell is the MAN. My 2nd fave running back of all-time. Being from Detroit, my top pick is Barry Sanders, obvs.

Thanks again, sir. I'll be checking in on the regular.