This is exactly what's wrong with America.

This isn't not a question of big govt small govt this is a question of smart government

This small example of dept of agriculture is telling of what happens at all levels of govt, moneyed interests are given higher priority than health and well being of American citizens.

Small policies like this are indicative of the larger trend in govt policies towards fatter richer dumber rather than healthier smarter and happier.

America is succumbing to extremism, not from the middle east but from middle America and the middle of the aisle. A few years ago, I came to the realization that nothing is black and white. Things tend to be more or less this, and more or less that, with varying degrees of similarity and difference, certain aspects shared, many not.

American politics are overrun with violent opposition and hateful speech. Most Americans can agree on the importance of certain things;
health, education, civil liberties, national defense, etc. Isn't it about time we came to terms with the fact that there is more than one way to improve these things..

Multiplicity and plurality of discoures is missing in today's political landscape.

Fuck lobbying.

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