Friday Afternoon

Im back at Subway. I had a great end of the week. I ended up getting relatively sauced with the germans, but they left early. Some French people and myself drank a beer called tris matelots (three sailors) it was damn good. beer here is pretty expensive and its almost impossible to find american beer unless your in paris. So last night was my birthday and alas, I had no strip club or casino to celebrate i. There did happen to be a student association party with a strange mix of music and even odder beverages. They had cider, white and rose wine, and punch. Punch you say?? I like jungle juice, party punch, PdP....This was orange juice rum and cloves. No ice. But what can you do? when in rome...when in france get drunk on shitty punch. I've been trying to keep up with american news; This is an article that really shows how EVERYBODY screwed up Katrina. NEWS Also, Monty Russell is playing in Baton Rouge this week so yall should go check him out. For those who dont remember he played at the KA crawfish boil a few years back. I'm not too sure where, but I would imagine the Varsity or Fred's. Anyway have a good weekend and thanks for the shoutouts by email and facebook.