too much turkish food

wahts up everybody, frqance is awesome there are dogs everywhere, they shit everywhere. beer is expensive, french bread is cheap. we only had one class today so faik (a turkish guy) and myself went to the grocery and tried out a bunch of beer. some was good but im qfraid the others we had to pour down the sink... yes that bad. so this was around lunchtime... we ate some really good turkish food that him and his girlfriend had made. They live in an apartement right by the school so it was nice. I think its about time for a nap. For those attending the LSU/ Tennessee game. Give thos Vols a nice low, drawn out... hhmmmTIIIIIIIIGER BAIT.


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Taylor said...

What up bitch? School going good. Squeaked through the Arizona game; had about 20 people at the apt. Uview is a lot of fun b/c so many people are living here. How are the ladies treating you? Do you live with a family or with other exchange students? I couldn't stand most of the Yankees I met in Spain, can you? Tennessee game this weekend should be a lot of fun, but it's too bad they lost to Florida otherwise College Gameday would be coming to watch No. 3 Vs. No.4. Nobody's heard anything from Coot since he left, which suck. Michael Benton's been sleeping on our couch for almost a month! Anyway, got any good stories yet? Keep those "blogs" coming!