i made it

Rennes is awesome. the trip here was not. To pick up where I left off, I got onto the plane and sat first class. I shared the middle with a French guy who worked at a restaurant in New York. He showed me the deal with first class. I kept on laughing out loud at how RIDICULOUS it was that i had made it to first class. Champagne, OJ, mimosas, warm nuts, moist warm towels, "gourmet" salads and entrees, personal screens, adjustable seats. The flight was nice, when I got to Charles de Gaulle which is an incredibly beautiful airport, as predicted my luggage didn't show. The luggage folks had found one of them it had arrived the night before, but lost the other. I took the TGV to Rennes, then the subway to a part of town in walking distance from the hostel. I walked around in the hot sun for about an hour in the same clothes i had been wearing for two days, dress shirt, slacks, dress shoes, hot as shit and smelled the same. I finally made it to the hostel, and ended up sharing a room with a Japanese kid who spoke little French and even less English. We did manage to communicate that he was a break dancer. No A/,C hot as shit and smelled the same because the bag that was lost contained my toiletries. Woke up and took a taxi to campus. It is a beautiful old building in an old part of town. We are taking a proficiency test and i finally get my dorm this afternoon.