@ Subway

Im posting from the Subway, they have WiFi. We had our first day of classes today. It was interesting we talked about stereotypes of french people and that of other nationalities, they werent too hard on americans but we ripped into the germans....nazi bastards.... I got moved into my dorm it is a small room but nicer than Vertical Africa (Kirby Smith) My lost piece of luggage came today so that was pretty exciting. I have yet to get drunk, but I am working on that. I still have a terrible case of jet lag so thats slowing things down some.... GEAUX TIGERS So i thought i would have internet in my dorm but i don't..so that kind of sucks. if you read the blog holla back and tell me you did so...... I will try and post from the campus some..Its pretty wild to walk past a bar and hear some old men cheering a soccer game or hear two little kids talking in french. ive made friends with some mexicans thats about as close to the south as we get...i told them the only spanish i knew was thanks to shitkee "chinga tu madre puta" or something along those lines, they laughed. Its funny almost everybody ive met speaks at least three languages. In my program there are some turkish, germans, italians, a few english, and a few americans. Im feeling much less sleepy so i might try and get drunk tonight, i've yet to find the strong, professional, drinkers, the equivalent of hitting the bar hard on a monday night and not thinking twice about it (comment directed at LSU's functioning alcoholics) have a big fat ass toddy or some purp for me. Holla