soccer game>disco

we went to a soccer game on thrusday night. it was rennes against stuttgart germany, rennes lost in the last minute or so. we killed the other team the whole game and poof they scored right at the end. attached you will see some photos of the game. we sat in the supporters section which is where all the hooligans sat with flags and yelled and whatnot. the picture is of the two guys who were basically cheerleaders. they had microphones and instructed everyone on what chants and songs to sing. it was hilarious to say the least. these guys were so content with their work....smoking handrolled cigarettes and loving every second. afterwards we drank a bit and went to a huge disco (night club) they had two levels; the bottom was techno and up top was rap. on bottom there were multiple dance stages and a dance cage, lights, lasers, etc. it was crazy. there were kids dancing on/in the cage. pretty much everybody from my school was there because it was the 'hazing' day for the freshman. it was pretty cool. they made them all sit in this big amphitheater and listen to a couple of professors bullshit for like 45 minutes then everybody ran in there and took the kids to drink/scavenger hunt, etc. that being said, everybody from school was at the nightclub and acting a donkey. it was great.