the astros are going the the world series?

congratulations shelfer..sorry blake. let me just start by saying that. then let me add that i just read about wilma on google news... a true cat 5? thats unbelievable. For those of you not in the know LSU is ranked top 10 in the BCS so thats good to hear, but enough about america. France continues to impress me, the italians cooked some sort of a tart the other night that completely kicked ass. Last night i cooked fajitas for some friends and we drank one dollar a bottle wine. very fine. I am going to a soccer game tonight and i am very excited. Rennes vs Stuttgart. It should be a barnburner. The game starts at 6:15 we start tailgating at 5 or something. By tailgating i mean buying beer and taking the bus to the stadium where we will drink until the the game starts. Then we are going out. I havent really been updating my blog lately because my laptop is STILL in the shop, everytime i call to talk to the technician he's out of pocket... i wonder ahy my computer still isnt fixed... hmmm. Anywyay, more entries to come hopefully aith more pictures. Go see monty russell and logan and hauser.... make jimmy gaennaie start a band.

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lilyphi said...

Fun pics, Bake. and I'm excited about the Astros; the first game is the same time as the auburn game on saturday.