well its thursday, class at 8 and class at 6 awesome schedule. Everythings alright here, I am going to see the John Butler Trio this weekend. They are from the United States. France qualified for the World Cup last night, that was exciting. I am obligated to like soccer, its like being in canada.. your obligated to like hockey. But man, what I would do for a raging gameday. Ive been reading in the journals and papers over here that the U.S. press coverage of Bush has been more critical as of late and that his approval numbers are falling. Any such sentiments in Baton Rouge? I would like to hear about post hurricane campus life. We had basketball practice yesterday, since we're a polisci school, we will play against the other poli sci school when we have matches. I guess its a little like Divisions in NCAA. In any case those who can remember the golden days of Kappa Alpha White Man Basketball would have been proud. It was one of the palest run and gun games in the history of man...uncalled fouls were plentiful, action in the paint, the occasional horrific shot that miraculously falls..damn that is misspelled, but i cant recall how to spell it. All in all life is good. Im still waiting on a package that has been at customs in paris for about three weeks. Go see monty russell and hauser and logan.. make jimmy gaennaie start a band.