duck confit

ah yes, it was a nice and relaxing day in paris, for the first time since ive been here, we had great weather all day. i had a nice andouillete and some homemade french fries for lunch and then went to a bar and watched two rugby matches. i was tired, ready to get home, and when i got there jean-jacques and catherine were in the kitchen, heckyes. well we had some canteloupe as a starter, or entrée, and then.. well then mr daban had heated up an amazing duck confit that they got from their butcher and to accompany it.. some potatoes cooked and then heated up in the duck fat.. AIE! man, i've had a serious jones for some duck confit and with the potatoes it was over the top, and you know a playa had to sop up the duck fat with the crusty baguette! yayeah! then a nice nice simple salad, iceburg lettuce a shallot vinaigrette, some petit basque, and an apple. and to top it all off, somehow there is wireless internet in the bedroom.


Xavier said...

Ah putain, je me souviens, des patates de mon papa! Du confit! je vais mourrir! J'ai faim! Et ici la bouffe est trop trash!

Xavier said...

T'as internet?
dans la chambre?