sat night

saturday night and one more delicious big mac menu. the shock of how freakishly competitive the apartment market in paris is wearing off. i would like to think that ishmael would think of me as ahab, and the apartment, at an affordable price, is my white whale. the dabans continue to rock hard, last night we ate with mrs dabans mom for what is reffered to as the shabbat by mr daban, although he's not jewish, he likes to think of the meal that way. the night usually exists of an aperatif, a nice meal, and some wine, last night was no exception. xavier's grandmother is around mid 70s and is hilarious. she was asking me all about american movies that i liked and she told me that she really liked kevin spacey, and when i mentioned usual suspects she proceeded to act out the final scene where spacey gimps away and then regains his walk. it was awesome. im really getting sick of mcdonalds, i think ive eaten three big macs in the last week, thats more than i've ever eaten in my life before this trip. no bueno. i hope everybody's doing well, and those who went to tuck fulane, enjoy yourselves in the nolia clap.