danger de mort

well, if i die mysteriously or if im unable to post because im on my sick bed, its because of soy sprouts. i bought some about a week ago to cook with some noodles, they were rockin, but then they sat in my fridge for a week, and i kept telling myself, man, i need to use those up (fifo) but alas, i slacked. once a man to live and die by fifo, i was at the moment, face to face with the results of neglected produce. when i pulled them out of the fridge they were pretty slimy, had this foul bitter taste to them, and fart-like smell, but had not yet begun to create their own goo in the plastic bag, like other green vegetables do, so i thought i might be okay, i thought i could cook the sliminess and bitterness out, but to no avail. yes, i ate some raunchy sprouts with some noodles today... in the name of economy, conservation, and gastronomy, my GI tract will no doubt pay dearly. although i did douse the plate with a nice bit of siracha, maybe the chiles will destroy whatever microbes brought on by the sprouts. we'll see.