when the saints go marching in

well all hallows eve is the day before all saints day.. the day of the dead. i slept late and ate lunch with the roommates..lucia and janko (pronouced yanko?) scalloped potatoes and sausages on clearance because they were about to expire.
i went to a party tonight at mohini's house, there were four of us teachers and some other friends. i dressed up in an old jacket and tie and some old pants, some sunglasses, i had no idea what i was supposed to be. so i just told people whatever came to mind. i was jacques-didier dubernet, a failed playwright from the 1970s, i was one of the greatest harmonica players in the south, who died young. i was my next door neighbor. you get the idea
one of my friends told me that she didnt really enjoy dressing up because she felt bizarre when she was dressed up. maybe its because we dress up as things we would like to be or as things that possess qualities that we desire? and maybe those who don't enjoy dressing up are too content with who they are...or maybe they don't know how to partake in this strange act of dressing up and becoming another?
I left my house a bit early to go to the party and I can tell you that it was a strange metro ride, seeing as how i didnt see ANYONE else in the subway that was dressed up, the french kept their distance from the cat in the sunglasses and the polyester jacket. but it was cool because i think i was throwing the french people off kilter a bit, its amusing to destabilize the french by doing anything they may find hors du norm. so after i got to the neighborhood where the party was, i realized i was a bit early, so i sat down, and played the harmonica, which i had brought as a potential part of the costume.. i played one of the only songs i knew, a new orleans classic, which, strangely enough was fitting for the holiday, and, after the party, in an inebriated, very content state, i played it all the way home, on the subway and on the street. happy halloween, dont forget the reason for the season. one for the homies, remember those that came before you...ancestor worship...regardless, until next time.