festival bb mix

i just got back from a free concert. it rocked. i dont know if it was because i had nothing else to do or because the three bands were that good. it was in an auditorium style seating i guess a bit like... i dont know, it went down to the stage, maybe howard auditorium?? anyway the three band were in order of appearance. la batterie ...... fujiya and miyagi ..... and pram
la batterie was hard core low fi and were pretty cool.
fujiya and miyagi kind were three guys, a keyboardist/beat guy, a guitar player singer, and a bassist. they kind of reminded me of a cross between gorillaz, david byrne, and beck. check out ankle injuries and collar bones from them. they put on a really good show. after fujiya and miyagi played there was an indie quiz put on by a very indie looking dude, i got totally ripped, i answered the question about who was the lead singer for pavement, but i was too far away. instead i answered the first name of the guitar player from spinal tap (nigel) how i knew that i dont know, but i got some totally alt buttons in miniature to put on my backpack or jeans. thats so indie and alt, i love it. no better way to revolt against the mainstream than with small kitsch buttons.
finally pram absolutely blew me away. it was like portishead and they had these incredible projections going on behind them.. listen to s ome of their stuff. there were around 6 of them in the band, they had a theramin and a couple of keyboards, a few macs, a trombone, some of those melodicas a drummer, a guitarist, and some other instruments. they were awesome.