woke up early, went to the flea market. THE flea market. puces de clignacourt has everything... everything. there was also some bad ass street art there. take a look at the stencils in this picture...
big ups to poch who hails from rennes.. if you go to pochoirs on his link, you will see the same picture i think...
i ended up buying this cast iron pot that needs seasoning for 5 euros and some sunglasses for 3 euros, case included. i tried hard to bargain and get a better cast iron pot that was a bit bigger, but the bastard wanted 15 euros, and i would give only ten. the cat let me talk to his boss on his cell phone, i tried to pull the card that i was a student, but he wasnt having it, so i walked next door and bought an inferior, albeit cheaper pot.
i came home and made some potatoes, lardons and an omlette. i thought about taking a picture about mid way through eating.

I saw crossed my roommates on the way to the concert last night, thats pretty much all we've seen of eachother, they seem cool, and i think everything will work out with them.
tonight, i went to the same festival and saw so so modern, dirty projectors and deerhoof.
so so modern was nuts. three guys in wierd white outfits freaking out everywhere with korgs and synths.
dirty projectors were bad ass, they just redid a black flag album entirely. chick bass player, chick guitar player, both of whom sing BGV, the bassist was superfly, i met some american kids tonight, and one of them was trying hard to throw the mack down. i dont know if she was having it. but..there is always hope in dublin. the song rise above is incredible.
deerhoof was WILD, the bassist/singer was a late twenties (thirties?) asian chick that hopped around everywere and made strange hand motions. plus 81 is catchy if you check out their myspace page.

i know you like how freaky i get with my hyperlinking.