all songs considered podcast

ive got to give thanks to bob boilen and the all songs considered podcast. wow. a great way to find new music. boilen is the director for the show all things considered and i have found so much cool music from his site, in the past and recently. the show will usually feature reviews of new albums from people you know or perhaps, people you've never heard of, he talks about the band and then plays a song. around once a month or so they record a concert and have that on the podcast. if you go to the link check out jens lekman. he just put out a new album called night falls over kortedala. a great album with some really cool songs. listen to im leaving you because i dont love you anymore, and you will hear the sweet, nerdy sound of an asthma inhaler as part of the beat.
paris is cool, i walked down to the palais de tokyo today, i saw some really cool modern art exhibits. hope everyone enjoyed my drunken post from last night, and i hope everyone had a happy halloween and an even happier, all saints day.


becca said...

hey! i love that podcast!

and your drunken post was hilarious. i can imagine the harmonica in the subway. so fun!

and thanks for the rec on deerhoof. totally downloaded/burned/listened to it all the way to dallas.

blindslug said...

awesome. they were incredible in concert the singer/bassist is this tiny asian woman who jumps around and rocks out. im glad you get into the deerhoof, have you checked out jens lekman yet?