tancredo says "islamic terrorists now freely roam us soil..."
this commercial kind of makes me think of this super old school ad.

so i just watched the republican cnnyoutube debate, it was pretty disappointing even RP didn't seem to be on his game, but the things that these people say. For a stereotypical look at the candidates responses check out the how many guns do you own question?

something tells me that fred thompson was shit faced at a cocktail party and in a drunken fit managed to string together a very patriotic argument about how much he loved the US and how 'he knows that things could be better and goddammit they should be better'...the women squealed with delight and said 'freddy, you should run for president, your so passionate about america and you know so much about politics, you should just do it you know?' and now that cocktail party is but a distant memory....