on the way home today, i was on the subway sitting down, reading the book heat about an older writer who trains in mario batali's kitchen. its a great book. but on with the story. So I was sitting down reading the book, and then subway got really full and I had to stand up and stop reading my book, after a while I decided, what the hell i will read standing up, and so with my right hand hanging on to the handle and my left hand extended in front of me, i continued to read. and then, all of the sudden, i got subwaysick. yes, i believe its like car sick, but instead of being in a car, your in the subway. I was all woozy and nauseaus and then i realized that I was facing backwards while trying to read and then I was like, damn its hot in here...so I got off at the next station, took off my hat, unbottoned my jacket, and cooled off while i waited for the next train. thankfully, i didnt pass out or vomit on a fellow public transport rider. i'm pretty sure that's an unwritten rule of the public transport code...if one feels sick in public transportation, vomiting in said transport is forbidden.
so then i came home and made a delicious torte alla ele, had some brie, an apple, and learned how to crank that.

i didnt realize soulja boy was so tech savvy...man im outta the loop.

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Elea said...

ahahahahah! ... trop fort ton subwaysick... tu m'as fait trop rire!