the weekend

ah hell, what a weekend, it all started friday when le rachael jeanfreau came in from from the small french hamlet of cambrai. We then met up with john, celine, tim, and later eleanora, for who other than girltalk? He rocked this really swanky club, and supposedly jay-z and beyoncé were there?? anyway girltalk rocked the house, everyone danced like crazy mothas and then we took a night bus home. saturday, les puces, here is a picture of rachael and a cool dude from west africa at les marchés puces. so if you go to les puces de clignacourt, check him out.

saturday...karaoke with some of the folks from vice... beer, whiskey, asian food, and karaoke. this is me and alex, and yeah, we rocked it.
sunday was a day for rest and laundry. i gave thanks, i napped, i washed clothes. and monday...dan deacon and girltalk redux.

girltalk's intro...

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i am so j.