found him

my immune system took a beating this weekend. i went to two house parties in the suburbs, one on friday night and one on saturday night, and then came back into paris after both parties only to fall into some savagery, think drunk bike riding à deux, near beatdown experiences, and an overall disregard for time, dignity, and "good' dance moves.

 i think at one of those house parties, in classic french style, they were playing old american music, gangstas paradise came on, and i asked myself, what happend to coolio? was he a one hit wonder? nah, cause he had CU when you get there, the aformentioned anthem, and then i remembered he had that awesome video for one two three four... where he rolls around on a big wheel??

well hes back and not a moment too soon.  where has coolio been all these years?? apparently, in the kitchen.  god bless b list celebrities and the internet


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Who's listening to Coolio, in a party !?