the weekend

This weekend i watched the wire and then went to a cadence weapon concert. check em both if you dont know...

i then woke up, moved out of my apartment, and then bummed around town a bit. since i was really just wasting time until i could sign the lease on my new apartment. i walked around, i cruised the subways, i was pleased to come across a string ensemble of about 8 or 9 people playing in the subway station chatelet, i sat down and listened to them play pachelbel's canon. it was the first time in a long time that i wasn't really in a hurry to go anywhere, i just had time to burn and enjoy myself. Evey two minutes or so a wave of people, just dropped off by the metro would flood the hallways, some took pictures of the group, others stopped to listen, and some just passed by like they didn't even hear them. It's funny the value we place on things when they're free.

and now, a poignant analysis of star wars episode IV , if you haven't seen star wars, are we really friends? how did you get the address to this site?


becca said...

i guess we aren't really friends?

Courtney said...

ye. i saw that girl on youtube too. so. dang. cute.

my little girls are gonna be wearing headbands, that's for sure.