proper :

Middle English propre proper, own, from Anglo-French, from Latin proprius own
14th century
1 a: referring to one individual only b: belonging to one : own c: appointed for the liturgy of a particular day d: represented heraldically in natural color2: belonging characteristically to a species or individual : peculiar3chiefly dialect : good-looking, handsome4: very good : excellent5chiefly British : utter, absolute6: strictly limited to a specified thing, place, or idea proper>7 a: strictly accurate : correct barchaic : virtuous, respectable c: strictly decorous : genteel8: marked by suitability, rightness, or appropriateness : fit

here i am, about to go to bed and i find myself missing proper things. 'proper' ? you ask? yes proper. for example, i miss a proper blanket, one that is long enough so my feet dont stick out. don't get me wrong, mine is great, it keeps me warm but it's just about an inch and a half too short, and yeah, my feet stick out. i miss a proper kitchen, a kitchen thats not just a notch in the wall with a microwave and a stovetop. a kitchen that you can hang out it, that you can walk around in, that is a room unto itself... it's that strange life that you get used to when you're not at home anymore, when you don't have the luxury to have exactly what you want, or the money to buy what it is that you 'need'. thats a bit of what i've been living in paris.

but if i'm not here, then i miss proper bread (baguettes; morning and night) and the possibility to get a decent, cheap, quick, coffee in any hood, at any time of the day.

i've usurped the british usage of proper, and i find it, well, quite nice...

in less literary terms, i was just about to pass out after a night of riding bikes, and drinking, with woo nix, and the chan luu crew, and i was like, damn, i wish this blanket were a bit longer... and then i realized, that i wont buy a longer blanket this year, i'll just deal with the short, pain in the ass blanket that i have, and i found myself wishing for a 'proper' blanket... and 'proper' other things as well... and then i says to myself... i says..'self, proper is a good word' ... and here we are... i hope you use proper soon.

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Cass said...

The Crawley's use "proper" all of the time and I rip on them for it...after 2.5 years I find myself using it too; f'n British influence.