foxnews redeye with greg gutfield


it IS three thirty in the morning and i am watching the most coy, ridiculous show on television. i swear to god its like watching friends, there are a group of people all "joshin" with each other but you would swear that all of their TERRIBLE quips were written by some terrible right wing writers (legitimate late night TV writer rejects)

IF...you haven't seen this show... DON'T it is terrible

there is also a guy dressed up in a costume that looks like the yeti from christmas TV

god... AS I WRITE THIS... more terrible quips.. its like those "hey remember the 80s" shows on VH1.....so fucking awful. and the fact that its on fox news... twice as bad.

the cardboard brick background covered with a strange collection of "old school" posters gives the show such a "hip" and "tuned in" look...

OH NO?\?\? a street sign?! this show is just like the cool kids in college...

fuck american tv. and fuck fox news.


Courtney said...

oh man. he is a douche!!! "sorry, i'm mentally retarded"?!?!?!?!

Melanie said...

good lord, I couldn't finish the whole thing.
There's better T.V. than that. Like shear genius and design star.

Cass said...

that is definitely the worst show ever. everyone on it should be tortured and beheaded.