i just got back from the florida keys.

specifically islamorada. i didn't really take many (any) pictures, so i'll have to wait until some people send me some. My friend said "I'll put them on facebook, don't worry." and then said " I always say that, but never do, but this time i will." little comfort.

Anyway, it was awesome, we went fishing one morning and caught two mahi mahi one of which was 38 pounds. the four of us were incredibly jacked when we finally landed the fish, this emotion was immediately followed by horror, inquietude, and queasiness as the fish flopped and jabbed a hook through my friend's finger...After trying to clip the hook with pliers for about 15 unsuccessful minutes, we went back in and went to the hospital. Since the fishing had been so good, Patrick, the host and boat owner, (also the guy who got the hook through his finger) decided we should go back out.
So we struck out in search of some more mahi-mahi, but it wouldn't be fishing without boat trouble now would it?
some sensor was screwed up and we couldn't go above 7 miles an hour, which led to us catching no more fish, and us drinking all the beer we brought as we puttered back in to the camp. I also caught the most vicious back sunburn i have ever.


we had amazing food, great weather and alot of booze. we had great drinks like, the annihilator, bob's blasters, some kind of margarita bombs, and the instigator.

  • vodka
  • orange juice
  • gatorade
  • pom floater