hello hello

i'd like to start by saying that the last post was my first drunken post, most likely there are more to come. I ate dinner with the turkish folks again last night, they're really cool and apparently eastern turkey (istanbul) is a lot like the United States. That being said school is going all right, I'm going out tonight to watch a socceer game and drink mas cerveza. Two nights ago (the night of the turkish stuffing) we went to a park near our dorm to celebrate someones birthday and had a grand old time. A good bottle of wine is like $1.25 so thats been pretty nice. I tried Camembert for the first time last night. You really just have to avoid smelling it and taste it.. but it was very good nonetheless. It very strange to pass two kids in the street arguing over an action figure, effortlessly speaking a language you are trying to master. But things are improving, my accent, for example. I'm kicking it with the french folk and they enjoy speaking english and ooooh the english music. Because your an american you are obligated to know every lyric to every american song ever written. Seriously. On that same note, we were at the bar and the French folk started singing Bon Jovi with a strong enough french accent. What could I do? I just let it ride...but man it was HILARIOUS. Also, I went to like a 3 mile long flea market and they had a stage set up, the band was playing...you guessed it...Culture Club - Karma Chameleon. But it was a guitarist/singer, tambourinist/singer, three dancer/singers, two other dudes who im not sure what they were doing and the sound guy. Very entertaining. If anyone has any LSU/Tennesse extras please email me i know that it is a shot in the black, black, dark. Thanks for the emails. I will try to link at least one thing in all the posts yeah??